No matter your organization’s size, the right telephone system can help you project the professional image that was once only available to large organizations using expensive telephone system equipment

This is no longer the case

There are a boat load of choices when selecting a telephone system for your organization

So how do you choose?

The truth is that most new telephone systems have many of the same features, but there are some ‘infamous’ features that you will want to avoid:

Licensing: many vendors/manufacturers have a low upfront system cost, but hit you with all types of licensing fees: per user, per extension, etc.

Support/Maintenance Fees: be aware of annual software maintenance fees.  If there is ever an issue with your system, you may be required to bring your account current before your system will be serviced

Vendor Lock-In: if you later decide that you would like a fancier phone or some other upgrade, you will be forced to stay with that same vendor, or may be forced to stay with your same model or you may have to upgrade to a ‘bigger’ system

Feature Upgrades: vendors will list many features but may not reveal that some require an extra fee to ‘activate’

Compare the ‘NTG Difference’

With a NTG telephone system, there are no per user/per extension licensing fees; 5, 20, 100, 1000 users…no licensing fees.

We use Open-Source software.  This means that your organization will not incur software update/maintenance fees.

Our systems utilize open standards, which allows you to use telephones and addons from different manufactures / vendors.

As previously mentioned, most new telephone systems have similar features, but with NTG

All listed features are standard, No Extra Cost

If your organization is in need of new a telephone system with:

– fair pricing
– reliability
– modern features
– no licensing
– no software fees
– freedom to upgrade
…and vendors that do not nickle and dime you

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See who’s calling before you answer

Call Detail Reports

Detailed reports of all inbound and outbound calls


Conference Center

Host your own conference calls, no need for 3rd party services



Receive faxes as PDF attachments via email, view them on your PC and even your SMART Phone.

Call Codes

Better control cost by establishing passwords to make designated calls, staff can be prompted to enter a code prior to making long distance or international calls


When receiving voicemail on your office extension, you can receive and email with your voicemail message attached, listen on your office telephone, PC speakers,  and even your SMART phone.


Call Recording

Improve customer service by recording and reviewing calls with your staff

Call Queues

A Call Center feature that allows callers to be automatically placed on-hold  and wait ‘in-queue’ until your next staff member is ready


Time Conditions

have specific messages greet callers at pre-determined times, pre-program your entire years holiday/day-off schedule in advance

Mobile Via Office Calling

Make office calls from your mobile phone using the office lines, caller-ID looks like the call originated from your office, not your mobile

...many many more features

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