Managed WIFI System

All wireless devices are not created equal.  ‘Home’ grade devices available at the local computer store do work, but they often lack the stability and reliability needed in a business environment.  This becomes very apparent when too many users access the wireless simultaneously, requiring the wireless to be rebooted.

One problem that plagues many of the home grade wireless devices is the dreaded ‘reset’ button.  Staff, in an effort to ‘fix’ the wireless connection will hunt for a push-pin or paperclip to press that little reset button, hoping to bring the Internet back to life. Pressing the reset button erases the wireless device, resetting it back to its original ‘factory settings’ when first purchased. This can cause network downtime and worse yet, it may open your network to hackers since the default settings are now active.

Your business needs a Managed Enterprise WIFI System

Don’t let that fancy title scare you. This simply means wireless devices that not only work for small business but also very large businesses with several hundred users.  The included management portal allows you to manage all wireless access points, no matter where they are located, from one central location/computer.

NTG has several clients right now using this Enterprise Managed WIFI solution. One such client has 4 wireless devices throughout the building, serving several hundred users with 90+ simultaneous connections.

Can your WIFI do this?

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Enterprise WIFI Features


Intuitive Software

Manage all of your UniFi Wireless Access Points with the included intuitive and easy to learn UniFi graphical software interface.

Save Money

Unlike traditional Enterprise Wi-Fi systems that require hardware controllers, UniFi comes bundled with a controller software that is easily installed on PC hardware

Powerful Hardware

UniFi Access Points feature the latest in Wi-Fi 802.11ac MIMO technology with models capable of gigabit speeds and signal ranges up to 600ft

Flexible Configurations

Mix and match indoor and outdoor wireless access points as needed

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