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If your organization operates an in-house email server, you need extra protection.

Most emails that traverse the Internet are unsolicited emails, better known as SPAM.

Gone are the days when SPAM was just an annoyance.  Today’s SPAM can be very dangerous.

Most notable are the dreaded ‘Cryptolocker‘ emails.

Cryptolocker lures in unsuspecting staff with legitimate ‘looking’ emails with dangerous attachments.

Once opened, this virus encrypts your important files, rendering them unreadable.

The ONLY way to recover from this infection is:

  • a) pay the ransom to the SPAMMER for digital key to un-encrypt your files
  • b) restore the infected files from backup…assuming you have a good, current backup

In addition to the potential data loss, wading through SPAM after SPAM email can cost your organization numerous hours of lost productivity.


  • NTG installs a SPAM email filter at your location
  • Your organizations inbound email is redirected to the new SPAM email filter
  • The SPAM email filter scans each individual email and assigns each a score
  • ‘Good’ and ‘Possible SPAM’ is forwarded to your inbox
  • ‘Junk’ emails are held in the SPAM email filter
  • Staff will receive regularly scheduled reports of all emails held in the filter, staff can also logon to the SPAM email filter to view ALL email processed by the filter for their account
  • Staff will have the option to ‘restore’ emails held by the filter, which will send the email to their email inbox
  • Staff will also have the option to ‘whitelist’ senders which will allow their future emails through the filter

Auto Updates

Xeams provides two types of updates: a) Rules update, which pull new rules to protect you against junk emails, viruses and phishing attacks. b) Server updates, which pull new features and bug fixes to the server engine without any human interaction.

Web-based Admin

Configuration in Xeams is 100% web-based allowing administrators to manage their server from any computer. Besides administrators, end-users can also log in to their accounts to view messages and modify their filtering rules.

99% Spam Protection

Xeams can block 99% percent of all junk messages right out of the box. The filtering rules are fully customizable and get better as Xeams adapts to your email environment.


Extensive Reporting

Out of the box Xeams provides several reports that accurately report the usage and load trends on your server. The Live Monitoring feature in Xeams provides a summary of emails as they arrive in your system.

Message Archiving

If required, Xeams can serves as an excellent archiving system. Companies can archive in-bound and out-bound messages using Xeams.  This makes Xeams a perfect companion to servers like Microsoft Exchange when it comes to message archiving

Single Sign-on

If your organization runs Microsoft’s Active Directory, staff can login with their PC credentials…simple!

Unparalleled support

NTG provides full support for Xeams.  We use Xeams here at our office everyday!

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