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Net-Telligence Group, Inc. is a team of experienced professionals who are determined to serve your Information Technology needs.  Below is a description of management qualifications:

Brian Franklin (Account Executive) has over 25 years experience providing network solutions. He gained this experience working with some of the nation’s most visible Corporations: Motorola, United Airlines, SBC/ATT, and Computer Sciences Corporation.  Mr. Franklin has expertise in all phases of computer network design, implementation, and support.  He has made major contributions in establishing and maintaining Hyatt Hotel’s Wide Area Network infrastructure.

Tavarian Dinkins (Account Executive) is a certified professional network engineer/application developer who has gained experience contracting with companies such as Deloitte and Touche, Compaq, and IBM.  Mr. Dinkins is also the Net-Telligence Group, Inc.’s Linux engineer and database programmer.  He has created applications that are currently in use within Banking and Health Care industries.  His expertise was also critical for the implementation of the Local Area Network and Help Desk database system for General Motors’ Electromotive Division.

Bashir Muhammad (Account Executive) is a certified project manager, network administrator and holds a graduate degree in communications from Northwestern University.  He has worked as a Technology Management Consultant for Best Buy, Director of Technology for Westside Health Authority and Adjunct Lecturer at Northwestern University.  A technology development project under his management was awarded the national “Models That Work” award from the US Department of Health and Human Services.

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